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What's this journal about?

I have been interested in paganism, particularly the paths of druidry, norse mythology and shamanic techniques related to both paths for a number of years now and now that my time at univerisity has come to an end (I am a Zoologist, not an artist, writer, theologan or historian) I have more time to devote to this. So this is my journal devoted to my journey. It may or may not reflect the views of pagan groups or organisations.

What will I be studying?

I will be studying mainly Norse, Anglo-Saxon and Celtic mythologies as those are the paths I am most interested in, by looking at classic literature connected to those paths, modern work books and history books of these periods. I also have an interest prehistorical archaeology and will be looking at books on that subject as well. I will also be reading folk tales and fairy tales, history books concerning other cultures/religions which I may find interesting or relevant but whose gods and goddesses I do not worship as these may help me understand aspects of druidry or norse mythology which are difficult. I may also post bardic poems of my own creation, etc in here as well.

What you won't find in this blog

Information on tarot, astrology, new age practices which I find inappropriate, references to Satanism (which is something completely different to paganism), and Wicca.



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